Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy Services

Director and clinical Speech Pathologist for SNR, Inc. and the Center for Pediatric Rehabilitation, Kathleen Smead, MS,CCC/SLP has over 40 years of experience with the diagnosis and treatment of communication, voice and swallowing disorders. Our clinicians specialize in the treatment of dysphagia, voice impairments, stroke, progressive neurological diseases and vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). From years of practice, Ms. Smead has also developed therapeutic tools which are sold internationally for the treatment of swallowing and speech.


Swallowing Rehabilitation 
We offer state of the art evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of swallowing impairments including comprehensive swallow assessment and the IOPI (Iowa Oral Proficiency Instrument). We are trained in myofascial release along with swallowing exercise programs using the TheraSIP and TonguePRESS treatments.

Voice Rehabilitation 
SNR, Inc. offers an in-depth voice assessment incorporating a voice analysis, a laryngeal exam with videostroboscopy, and assessment for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment LSVT LOUD. We also provide voice treatment for hoarseness resulting from overuse, age or misuse. We offer voice rehabilitation programs such as Resonant Voice Training, Vocal Function Exercises, and cough suppression therapy.

Speech Rehabilitation 
Our center assesses speech intelligibility problems rising from muscle weakness, spasticity or progressive neurological disease. We are able to provide baseline recordings and vocal assessments for individuals with illnesses that cause a slow deterioration of speech and voice ability. We can track changes in their communication abilities each year and customize home exercise regimes to slow the process and maintain functions at the highest level possible. We use the latest in treatment tools available including the IOPI, the TonguePRESS, TheraSIP, and IPAD Apps to help improve communication abilities.

Aphasia Rehabilitation 
We are experts in the treatment of language loss or receptive and expressive difficulties resulting from CVA, head injury or disease. We incorporate evidenced-based therapeutic approaches in addition to IPAD interventions to build daily home study exercises to augment treatment.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction
SNR, Inc. specializes in the treatment of vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). We can diagnose the specific factors affecting easy breathing abilities and provide exercises to control or eliminate the symptoms.